Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights at The Solar Powered Music Festival

These were some of my favorite shots I took while watching Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights play The Solar Powered Music Festival. Damn these guys can play.

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14 Responses to Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights at The Solar Powered Music Festival

  1. Erika Haley says:

    Going to see them again on the 31st! So so good! Nice site, Mr Flores. U left FB?

    • DiscountMescan says:

      Yeah, I might activate it again at some point but I’m not really missing it. Nice, I didn’t realize they were going to be back anytime soon.

  2. Erika Haley says:

    Yes sir, The Granada NYE. Israel, you’re very talented.

  3. DiscountMescan says:

    Thanks, I’ve got lucky having some good subject matter to shoot. Thankful for nice scenery and good looking people. LOL

  4. Erika Haley says:

    I reckon it’s silly to tell u, but we share a quote. Yours is on ur Instagram & mine is on my inner arm. I’ve loved the quote since I first heard it in 3rd grade when I saw Wlliy Wonka.

    • DiscountMescan says:

      It’s not silly at all. That’s one of my top 10 movies. While the new one was good and more true to the book it can’t hold a candle to the original.

      • Erika Haley says:

        I concur. Its a FAV of mine as well. You’re a character Mr Flores. Do you remember taking a photography class n middle school?

      • DiscountMescan says:

        I didn’t really get into photography until a few years ago. My deal was pen and ink back then.

  5. Erika Haley says:

    Hmmmm.. I have a photo of me from 6th grade leaning against a cyclone fence and the back of it says taken by I. Flores.

    • DiscountMescan says:

      Weird, clearly I was into it earlier than I thought.

      • Erika Haley says:

        Clearly 🙂 I love the photo. There wasn’t much I got to take w/ me when my father & I moved away from White Settlement it was one of the things.

      • DiscountMescan says:

        That’s cool, I’m glad you liked it. You should up it on IG or email it over so you can jog my memory.

  6. Erika Haley says:

    10/4… shoot me an email and I’ll send it or I can post it on Instagram.

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