Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar B-Q Tyler, TX

Map to this location

I only happened upon this place because I was taking my mom into Tyler for surgery. All the reviews I read on Yelp were 5 stars so it was promising. The sign out front listing what had sold out was a strong indicator I was in for a treat.

My order: 2 meat combo plate with Pork Ribs and Sliced Brisket and 1/4 lb of Sausage. Each plate comes with pinto beans, potato salad and cole slaw, 2 slices of white bread, dill pickles and onion slices.

Pork Ribs (baby backs): These had a great bark and flavor with the perfect “tooth.” The ribs were glazed in sauce and had a dry rub coating as well. I don’t normally do sauced ribs but these were great and I’d go back if nothing else for them.

Sliced Brisket (flat, fatty): I ordered the brisket “fatty” and it came out perfectly moist. While it had a nice bark the only negative was the lack of smoke flavor.

Sausage: Nice snap to the case and juicy with a coarse grind. One of the better smoked sausages I’ve had lately.

Potato Salad: Great flavor and not heavy on the mayo. The size of the potatoes were perfect. It had what looked to be either purple cabbage or a bitter green which seemed weird but worked well.

Cole Slaw: Good flavor, and the cut size on the cabbage was nice while the mayo based dressing was light.

Pinto Beans: The beans were well cooked which is hard to find at most places. There was also chopped brisket throughout, solid choice.

A diamond in the ruff would be a good way to describe this place. The food was great as was the atmosphere in the place. They’ve got lots of awards on the walls and I can see why. My only gripe would be only getting 2 ribs with my order.

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