Railhead Smokehouse BBQ Ft. Worth, TX




Map to this location

I finally got a chance to give this place a try. I was skeptical because it seemed to be a college hangout more than a BBQ joint based on reviews from Yelp.com.

My order: 2 meat dinner with Pork Ribs and Sliced Brisket, 1/2 lb of Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage with hand cut french fries and cole slaw. Each dinner comes with 2 slices of white bread, 2 pickle spears (which were awful) and sliced onions and your choice of 3 sides.


Pork Ribs (spares): They had a great bark and flavor. They were a bit overcooked as they were falling off the bone before I could pick them up.

Sliced Brisket (flat): Nice bark and flavor. The flavor helped cover the fact that it was really dry.

Sausage (jalapeño/cheddar): Nice snap to the case and juicy but the cheddar was like Cheez Whiz and that ruined it for me.

French Fries (hand cut): Second best thing about this meal. They had great flavor and were tender and crispy on the ends. They count for 2 of the 3 sides, worth it.

Cole Slaw (mayo based): Good flavor, and the size of the cut on the cabbage was nice without being heavy.

Overall you get the feel this place is more about who eats here than what you’re eating. Nearly everyone was having a schooner validating that suspicion. The portions are very generous but if you go get the ribs, fries and nothing else. What kind of BBQ place doesn’t even serve sweet tea, craziness?!

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