Smoque BBQ Chicago, IL


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I’ve been anxiously anticipating this review for a few years now. I first heard about Smoque on Triple D and was instantly stoked. These guys took all the best BBQ from Texas (Sausage/Brisket), Kansas City (Ribs), Memphis (Ribs) and the Carolinas (Pulled Pork) and single handedly put Chicago on the BBQ map.

I got there at 10:30 because I had heard it gets busy at lunch but also wanted to get a few pics of the building. One of the owners came out and asked if I’d like to sit inside while I waited for them to open at 11; awesome but simple gesture.

My order: 1/2 slab Baby Back Rib dinner with a “taste” of Texas Sausage and Sliced Brisket with BBQ beans and Mac ‘n Cheese. Each order comes on a butcher paper lined tray with slaw and your choice of sauce; regular or spicy.



Brisket (flat): Best Brisket I’ve reviewed to date. Incredibly tender, so much so it was nearly impossible to eat even with a fork. The thick/dark bark, smoke ring and flavor were incredible. I got lucky and was served a “Burnt End.” hands down THE BEST bite of BBQ of my life!

Ribs (Baby back): Great smoke ring, bark and flavor again. They were tender but had the perfect amount of “tooth.” I would have normally gone with St. Louis style ribs but they had apparently stopped serving them due to a meat quality issue; respectable.

Texas Sausage: Great snap to the natural case and incredibly juicy. Flavor was spot on with the right amount of spice and smoke. They got this one dead on.

Slaw: Vinegar based consisting of just cabbage and onions. The subtle flavor of the light dressing was nice compared to the normal mayo dressing.

BBQ Beans: While normally my least favorite side these were good. They had chopped brisket throughout and seemed to have some kind of soda in the sauce, my guess is Dr. Pepper. Good choice.

Mac ‘n Cheese: The only let down. I liked the crumble crust but the cheese sauce was far too lumpy for me. The flavor was good but the consistency was hard to ignore.

My overall experience was better than I had anticipated. I was ready for a let down especially being outside your main BBQ areas. This was one of the Top 3 BBQ meals of my life!! Anyone going to Chicago owes it to themselves to eat here. You could have franchises of this place in all the major BBQ areas and it would do great.

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