Vicker’s BBQ Bogata, TX

Map to this location

*Heads up this review is from a few months back, I’ll be back up this way again for an updated review sometime soon.

My order: The sliced Brisket plate with 2 sides and a half pound of Smoked Hot Links. Each plate comes with a slice of white bread, hamburger dill pickle slices and sliced onions.

Brisket (flat): Nice smoke ring, good bark and fat content. Juicy and the perfect balance of smoke flavor. This is the best brisket I’ve had since Longoria’s.

Hot Links (Pittsburgh, TX style): Hands down the best hot links I’ve had. Great flavor, perfect snap to the case and the right amount of spice. They were pretty dark so I thought they would be dry but they were incredibly juicy.

Beans: Standard pinto beans, not the star of the show but a good rendition.

Potato Salad: This was really good. It’s your basic yellow potato salda but had a real nice flavor.

Overall this is a real good small town BBQ joint. The previous BBQ place in this location was apparently terrible. The new owners stepped up to the plate swninging.

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