Smokey’s Barbeque Ft. Worth, TX



Map to this location

I made my trek to the East Side of town to check out another top DFW BBQ joint. I have heard Smokey’s was awesome but that might have been an understatement. This is the best BBQ joint I’ve checked out to date.

My order: The Cool Hand Luke- 3 meat plate with 2 sides; Sliced Brisket, Ribs and Sausage. Each plate also comes with a homemade bun. There is a veggie bar with potato salad, beans, cole slaw and all the usual Q trimmings.


Ribs (full spares): Beyond amazing. Nice smoke ring, great bark, falling off the bone tender but incredibly meaty and moist. I would go back just for these alone.

Brisket (flat): Nice smoke ring, on the dry side but a nice flavor.

Sausage (Jalapeño links): These links were amazing as well. The smokey flavor as well as the jalapeño were great. Had the case been a tad less chewy they would have been perfect.

Beans: Great as well. They had a base flavor similar to Ranch Style Beans but there were LARGE chunks of brisket, ribs and sausage throughout.

Potato Salad: This was also great. It was your basic potato salad but had a great flavor.

Overall I’d come back for any single item alone but put it together and I think I’ve found my new favorite local BBQ joint. Everyone in DFW should check it out.

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