Life’s a garden, dig it?

I know that was Joe Dirt’s mantra but what if he was wrong? What if life is more like a pile of manure, then what? Last I checked not many people like digging into a steaming pile of crap.

Life is bad for a lot of people but who’s to say it’ll ever get better? “It’ll get better…..never give up, never surrender…..have faith.” How do you know?…..why not?… what? 

Living in the muck of reality isn’t always fun but it’s generally where the real world centers itself. Things could be a lot worse most of the time but thankfully it’s not. Living in a box under a bridge, yeah that’s a reason to be down on life. And from the outside looking in it might not seem so bad but how do you know that manaquin in the window isn’t sad and lonely?

It’s amazing what a crap drink from Starbucks can lead to.

“We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday….enjoy”

Discount Mescan

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