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A new BBQ joint opened up near work so i had to give it a try. Some work buddies had already beat me to it so I couldn’t be left out. There were 4 hungry guys waiting for the place to open so that was promising.

Any day is a good day for BBQ, am I wrong?

My order: 3 meat plate with 3 sides; Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork and Sausage. Each plate also comes with dill pickle slices, sliced red onion, a jalapeno and a roll.


Brisket (chopped): The size of the chopped meat was perfect. It appeared to be pulled then chopped which helped. The meat had a nice smoke ring and was incredibly moist. The flavor was less smoked and more similiar to the taste of  Taco Cabana’s brisket tacos. Real good either way. Update: Found out why it tastes like Taco Cabana’s brisket did, they smoke with Mesquite wood.

Pulled Pork : Great smoke flavor with a nice smoke ring. There was plenty of bark throughout. You could tell this was hand pulled the right way. Solid

Sausage : Standard peppered sausage with a good snap to the case. Nice flavor but not overly smokey.

Buttered Kernel Corn: As good as a normal canned corn but mixed with a Rotel like tomato/chili mix.

Green Beans: Nice fresh looking green bean but tastes like as good as a canned green bean

For the price and the size of the portions I don’t see how you can beat the BBQ here. The taste of the BBQ is real good and the price should help this place get the word out. Beginning May 1 the prices per plate are each going up $1 but you’re still getting a steal for the size of the portions. I’ll be back for sure.

Update: Went again today. Got the 2 meat plate with Pulled Pork/Smoked Sausage. Sides: Green Beans and Mac ‘n Cheese. Even better this time, the Pulled Pork was awesome and the Smoked Sausage you could definitely tell it was in the smoker at some point. The Mac ‘n Cheese stole the show, awesome stuff. I’ll be back again to try the Fat Japs.

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