Texas Pit BBQ – Saginaw, TX



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Jess and I decided to try Texas Pit BBQ while we were in Saginaw. We’ve driven by numerous times but never paid it much thought, it’s a shame because the BBQ is Solid.

My order: 3 meat plate with 2 sides; Sliced Brisket, Sausage and Ribs. My sides were the Fried Okra and Fresh Green Beans. Each plate also comes with a piece of Buttered Texas Toast, sliced red onion and a Kosher Pickle Spear.


Ribs (St. Louis style spares): The highlight of the meat trio. Huge smoke ring nearly all the way through, excellent rub flavor and perfect fat content. These pulled easily off the bone but were moist, smokey and sadly not enough. Had I realized this I would have gotten a full rack and skipped the rest of the meats.

Brisket (flat): Nice smoke ring, little bark, little fat, moderate smoke taste. The lack of fat led me to think it would be dry like Dickey’s but it wasn’t. The moisture was on point. It would have been so much better had there been more smoke flavor.

Sausage (regular): Nice snap to the case, okay flavor but the salt was too much. Zero smoke ring and little to no smoke flavor.

Fried Okra: Heavier breading than the typical okra and more flavor, solid choice.

Fresh Green Beans: Awesome. I’m not sure how they get so much flavor out of a simple green bean. The broth they cooked them in must have been either chicken or vegetable stock because they were full of flavor.

Jess’ order: Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of fries. The sandwich plates normally come with 2 sides unless you get the fries; surprisingly worth the gamble. She killed both the sandwich and fries in no time. I of course assisted with the fries. I can’t comment on the pulled pork but she said it was great.

I’d come back for the ribs alone. As a whole we’ll be back for sure.

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