Wrigley in August.

My vacation request has been approved at work so it’s a go. I’ll be taking in the Cubs vs Cardinals game on Friday, August 19th from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

The Plan, Day 1:

Map for Day 1

My flight gets to O’hare at 8am and from there I’ll get the rental. From there I’ll head up to Winnetka to take some pics in front of the “Home Alone” house. After that I’ll head to a Lou Malnati’s near Wrigley for lunch. Once I’m done putting a hurt on a individual deep dish I head to Wrigley so I can go check out as much of the ballpark as possible before the game. When I’m done at Wrigley I’ll make my way to Smoque BBQ to throw down on that “Memphis in May” winning ‘Q. Afterward I’m going to catch the Rangers vs White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field. By the time that’s over it’ll be bed time.

The Plan, Day 2:

Map for Day 2

Up early to take in as much as possible, checking out of the hotel before I head out for the day. The first stop will be the restaurant of one of my favorite TV chefs, Rick Bayless; Xoco for brekfast. From there I’ll head to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Delta and U Boat. After I’m done here I’ll head to Eleven City Diner for some Deli Food. From there I’ll go over to the Field Museum for Sue, the largest complete T-Rex in the world, and the Lions from “Ghost in the Darkness” and then to “The Bean” in Millenium Park. From there I’ll go to check out the view from the Hancock Observatory. I’m thinking that will put me at an early dinner to hit Portillo’s Hot Dog for a Chicago Hot Dog. This should leave me enough time to drop off the car around 7 and go wait for my flight back home.

Although that’s a lot planned in a day and a half I think I’ll be able to get at least 80% of it knocked out. If I could do nothing other than see the game I’d be happy but I plan on resting only to sleep the first night and a nap on the flight home.

Here’s to hoping.

Discount Mescan

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3 Responses to Wrigley in August.

  1. If you’ve never been to Chicago before I suggest a trip to the original Uno’s Pizzaria downtown. It has been there since the 1940s and the food is phenomenal. This is far better than any other Uno’s you can eat at. What most people don’t know is that the water from Lake Michigan is high in minerals and is great bread making water – making deep dish pizzas taste better than elsewhere.

  2. DiscountMescan says:

    Good tip, I’ll try and make it there too. I hear it’s like kinda like NYC pizza. They say the secret to the crust is in the water.

  3. DiscountMescan says:

    The only thing I didn’t get done from my plans was going to Joe Boston’s for an Italian Beef sandwich. All in all it was a great time. You can see pics on my Facebook photos page.


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