Dickey’s BBQ – Lewisville, TX



Map to this location

Today at lunch I decided to go to the new Dickey’s location here in Lewisville. I’ve only had the BBQ from Dickey’s once before and it was something that was catered at work.

My order: 2 meat plate with 2 sides; Brisket and Old Style Polish Sausage. My sides were Potato Salad and Jalapeño Beans. Each plate also comes with pickle slices, sliced onions and a roll.

Brisket (point): Nice smoke ring, zero bark, zero fat, little smoke taste. The lack of bark and fat led this to be dry which in turn made it fall apart when attempting to pick it up to eat.

Sausage (Polish): Nice snap to the case, good flavor. Zero smoke ring and little to no smoke flavor.

Potato Salad: Standard fair, nothing to write home about.

Jalapeño Beans: Standard ranch style beans with a bit of a kick. Again nothing special.

For the price they charge you would expect a little better taste but with this economy it’s not surprising.

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