Bucket list.

So I’m sitting here watching the Bo Sox get absolutely torched by the Rays and I start thinking about my bucket list and what would make the list. I know, baseball to bucket list is he insane? I’ll explain.

I played little league baseball and was hooked for quite a while on “America’s Past Time.” That’s until the horrible little league coach I had my last season and the strike year.

A few of the top things on my bucket list still involve baseball and surprisingly I’ve been paying more attention to MLB lately. Call it nostalgia, history, the Rangers break out 2010 season. Who cares why it’s refreshing.

Here goes; the top 5 things on my bucket list and  more importantly “the why:”

1. Seeing a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

    • This one can hopefully be checked off the list on the weekend of June 18/19 August 19th. I plan on seeing the Cubs beat the piss out of the Yankees Cardinals. Growing up we always had WGN and I watched as many Cubs games as possible. Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson, Greg Maddux, Wrigley Field…ahh the memories.

2. Seeing a Red Sox game at Fenway park.

    • My first little league team was the Red Sox. That coupled with the history surrounding the team, the ball park and the town will always keep this one high on my list.

3. Start my own business.

    • It doesn’t have to be successful or life long but it would be nice to be my own boss. If I had to choose the type of business it would probably involve BBQ, either a brick and mortar restaurant or a food truck. I know either would be grueling encompassing life but I’d be fine with that. For me the best part would be providing for those around me and not relying on some corporation that could toss me aside to save a buck by “globalizing.”

4. Vacation in Italy.

    • I’m a foodie and Italian food is up there behind Mexican/Tex-Mex and BBQ as my favorites. Everything I’ve ever seen or heard is that it’s like a slice of heaven. I could be there a day or a month and I know I would have the time of my life.

5. Build a classic car with assistance from my family.

    • My cousin James is the entire reason I got hooked on working on vehicles. His Blue 80’s C10 was the epitome of sick. It had a ridiculously low hand built drop kit, wheels, interior mods; basically the whole foundation of a custom ride. My uncles Dick and Mark being machinists by trade would provide more knowledge than I could ever hope to attain. Not to knock James’ machine skills; saying they’re impressive would be an understatement. My father-in-law Les. His knowledge of classics would be as useful as any other person I know. Plus his tech expertise would he extremely helpful if I wanted to go classic and tech at the same time. By the time I can afford this one Kohl should be old enough and hopefully interested enough to lend a hand. The kid can take anything apart already so it’s not out of the realm of thought that he’d have a major hand in this build.

If anything it would be nice to get through these and have to revisit the list again. If not well that’s just life and I can deal.

Speaking of that the ‘Sox are only down 16-5 in the bottom of the 9th. I’m a realist I know how this story ends.

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