BBQ Bonanza Part I

Here we are the start of our BBQ Bonanza across Fort Worth. Kohl and I had a small breakfast; didn’t want to ruin our hunger for the good stuff.

Stop I


Map to this location

The building has all the tell-tale signs of an old Dairy Queen with unassuming yellow and blue paint. Pulling behind the building you find the first evidence of BBQ in the making. A big pile of wood and a smoker at full tilt.

Our order: No. 21- Ribs and Sliced Beef with 1/2 lb. Smoked Sausage. Our 2 sides were potato salad and beans. As we sat there in anticipation I could hear the sound of our “Q” getting chopped, ahh that sweet, sweet sound. All orders come with pickle slices, onions, jalapeño slices and toasted and buttered bread.


Brisket (flat): Great smoke ring, good amount of glorious fat and a very black and ample bark.

Ribs (St. Louis style spare ribs): Falling off the bone. Not a big bark but perfect texture and smokey flavor.

Sausage (Pork): Nice snap with a real good flavor. Light smoke ring with a good texture.

Potato Salad: Smooth and rather sweet. Had yellow/red peppers, pickles and egg. Very good.

Baked Beans: Sweet as well and good.

All in all a great experience and worth the trip. The ribs and brisket are the way to go.

Stop II


Map to this location

A small red and white metal building with a small black top parking lot in front. This place does burgers, hot dogs and desserts including cookies, coconut pie, sweet potato bread and pecan pie. We were greeted with a warm hello and a sample of the beef (brisket) sausage. All orders are served with pickle slices, onions and 3 slices of plain white bread.

Our order: 1/2 lb. of Brisket, 1/2 lb. of Spare Ribs from the long end (customers choice) and 2 links of Beef Sausage cut on the bias.


Brisket (flat and point): I got both a point and flat cut. The point was excellent. Perfect fat, bark and a nice smoke ring. The flat was a bit dry but still had a good texture.

Ribs (Spare Ribs from the long end): Had a bite/texture I liked but others may not care for. Minimal bark but a nice spice rub and smoke ring. I think if I had gotten a short end portion of ribs they would have been perfect. Next time.

Sausage (beef): The sausage is made of brisket and it’s PHENOMENAL. Perfect snap to the case, with a perfect texture. I’d go back for this alone.

Mr. Longoria made the trip enjoyable for Kohl with a free cookie. Very smart way to win over the crowd.

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